SPECIAL OFFER:  sliding scale - pay what you can!

(original cost: $275)    Email Matt now to sign up:  mj@mattjenson.com

Are you a musician, either a professional or a hobbyist, looking to dig in deep to something during the Covid-19 lock down? Consider taking my Music and Life of Bob Marley class!  I have been teaching it at Berklee College of Music and elsewhere for 20 years and have developed a deeply inspiring educational experience that takes a non-commercial, real and deep at look at Bob’s life. In addition we will do a remote recording of one of his tunes, releasing a video of our performance.  (Note: This is a not-for-credit class offered independent from Berklee.)


To sign up and get more info, email:  mj@mattjenson.com



- Start date: Tuesday June 2. End date: July 14. 7 weeks total, 14hrs

- Weekly online meeting time using the Zoom platform: Tuesday’s 1-3pm eastern standard time (Boston, USA time, 10a west coast time, 7p in Europe. Join from anywhere on the planet!)

- Class size limited to 15

- Online class time includes lecture, video viewing, music listening and discussion as you are taken on a biographical tour of Bob’s life.

- Final project includes a remotely recorded Bob song that I have arranged. The project includes a video of our performance.

Check this video of my recent Marley class at Berklee. (Our project will be similar to this.)

- You will receive many tips and constructive feedback about your reggae playing in the process of recording the arrangement.

- If you don’t know how to already, you will receive help in the basics of how to record audio and video from your home and how to prepare the recordings for our project.

            *Note: It is preferable that you have an audio interface and microphone.

            (For video, any smart phone will do.)

- Ideal instrumentation includes: electric bass, drumset, 2 guitars, 2 keyboards, 3 back-up singers, 1 or two lead singers, trombone, trumpet (or alto sax), tenor sax and 2 percussionists.

* Other instruments are possible. Depending on the spread of instrumentalists interested

   I will have to make a decision as to which instruments work best to have a great

  sounding ensemble.  Class size limited to 15.

- Cost: $275.00 (USD)  SPECIAL OFFER:  Sliding Scale - PAY WHAT YOU CAN!

- To sign up and get more info, email:  mj@mattjenson.com



Matt Jenson (pianist, composer, arranger, singer, and gifted educator) completed a masters degree in jazz piano and composition at New England Conservatory of Music (Boston). Jazz and blues form the backbone of nearly everything he teaches and performs but his deepest loves come from African diasporic music from the Caribbean, namely Reggae and Afro-Cuban music. His love of reggae led him to create the “Music and Life of Bob Marley” class at Berklee and the class has brought him many deep associations with those in Marley’s inner circle (Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and China Smith most notably) and in the international reggae scene in general. He is currently touring part time with the San Francisco Bay area powerhouse reggae-jazz fusion band, Groundation (playing Hammond organ, clavinet and synth) and he leads his own reggae bands, the Liquid Revolution and his reggae-jazz group Mix Up Mix Up. His love of Afro Cuban music has given him the opportunity to study with Eddie Palmieri and to co-lead the reggae/latin fusion group Rebel Tumbao presenting Matt’s Afro-Cuban arrangements of Marley compositions. He currently co-leads an cultural/musical immersion trip to Jamaica each February called ‘Inside Reggae.’  He is also working on an online reggae educational platform called ‘Art of Reggae.’  Soon come!


For more info on Matt:  www.mattjenson.com

See Matt in performance with Groundation here

Our project will be similar to this!

Here's Matt performing with Groundation.

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