Music is my absolute passion. At a very young age it chose me and I’ve been living it and loving it ever since! I am a talented professional musician who completed a masters degree in jazz piano from the New England Conservatory of Music and currently an assistant professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where I teach popular music styles to some of the most talented young musicians on the planet. My deepest loves lie in the Caribbean with Afro-Cuban (Latin) and reggae styles. In fact I teach an entire class on Bob Marley and have been to Jamaica many times and to Cuba as well.  I also perform locally, nationally and internationally leading my own band, as a sideman with other groups and lately with the top ranking Bay Area reggae band, Groundation.


AS A DJ:     I approach DJ work first and foremost as a musician, something unique in the DJ world, which injects my sets with a depth of feeling and vast stylistic repertoire. What I love most about being both a musician and DJ is igniting the passion for high quality, artistic and soulful sounds, and sharing the love with an audience. My goal is to whip people into a frenzy on the dance floor, an explosion of joy! (And if some thing I’m playing is not doing that, I’ll fade it out quickly and find a track that will!)


I am responsive, thoughtful, flexible, professional and fun. I’ll be a small part of your family for your event and will take time to get to know you and your musical tastes so the mix is stellar.

AS A PIANIST: At a young age I fell in love with the piano after hearing the great jazz pianists Bill Evans and Thelonius Monk and have dedicated my life to that instrument and keyboards of all kinds. Since then I have been all over the map both literally and musically as a performer, educator and of late, a singer. It is my passion and I love to share it!




Solo piano or add a bass player,  a drummer, a horn, guitar or steel pan

player for a fuller sound. I can accommodate classical repertoire for ceremonies as well.


AN UNBEATABLE COMBINATION: I will play live piano (with or without VOCALS...yes I sing!) for your dinner/cocktail hour and/or ceremony and then swing my bench around, change hats, put on my superman suit and morph into my DJ role and get the serious dance party going!






A medley including Harry Belafonte's "Jamaica Farewell", Bill Withers'

"Ain't No Sunshine," Matt's arrangement of the Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm"

(I Got Riddim), Marley's "Stir it Up" and an original named "Wikked Likkle."

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