The Music & Life of Bob Marley Class

Taking a deep dive

into what his life

and music means.

Bob with socialist prime minister Michael Manley c. 1978

BBC Marley documentary w MATT.tif


Many of the students who have been in the Berklee Marley class have gone on to great and wonderous careers!  Here's a few highlights. Nice job my students!!


- Joy Daniels:  singing with Stevie Wonder

- Elena Canlas: keyboardist for the Easy Star Allstars

- Scott Flynn: trombonist with John Brown's Body and Elephant Wrecking Ball.

- Spiritual Rez:  almost the entire band met while in the class

- Nate Sabanayagam: (Fall, '02 - the very first drummie ever in the Marley ensemble), drummer and has recorded nearly every current reggae star -

- Erin Barra: (Spring, '06 singa) electronic music wiz and now Berklee prof!

- Bebo Rodriguez: (Spring '12 singa) singing and playing with Cultura Profetica

- Justin Bernsweig: bass with the Collie Budz backing band

- Tubby Love (Fall, '08 singa) is the Roots Family!

- Marissa and the Merry Rockers...rock! (Fall, '10 singa)

- Joanna Teters: (Fall '10 singa) singing so fine!

- Wendy "Wendo" Simmons is playing with her orignal project, Baby Atlas with another Marley class grad, guitarist David Jimenez.

- Ryan Edwards (Fall '10 drummie) and his very creative live sound design work.

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