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Mix Up Mix Up lights up the connection between roots-reggae and soul-jazz.


The group presents original compositions and creative re-workings of pop, jazz and reggae anthems by Bob Marley, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Marvin Gaye, George Gershwin, Chopin and more.  The pure joy communicated between band members combined with their love of and deep experience with these styles results in a unique stylistic mash-up that immediately delights audiences of all ages. Imagine the creative interplay between musicians along with soul-jazz improvisation embedded in the intoxicating riddims of Jamaican reggae in an acoustic/electric jazz setting! It is indeed a groundbreaking format, sophisticated and soulful, with both instrumental and vocal repertoire, that gives nourishment to the mind, body and soul. Listen, dance to and feel the positive vibrations of the Mix Up Mix Up!



Nothing at the moment!



8/16/23: Wellfleet Preservation Hall, Outer Cape Cod, MA

10/29/22: Piedmont Piano Co, Oakland, CA

6/11/22: The Mission Hill Arts Festival, Boston  MA

7/2/21: 3S Arts Space, Portsmouth, NH

7/30/20 and 11/10/2020: Portsmouth Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH

11/2/19: House Concert at Syd N Rosa's in San Francisco.

7/5/19: Piedmont Piano Co, Oakland, CA

7/16/18: Wellfleet Preservation Hall, outer Cape Cod, MA.

4/7/17: concert and clinic at Vermont Academy

2/16/17: Edna Manley School for Performing Arts, Kingston, JA

8/25/16: Block Island Summer Concert series, RI

8/26/16: Wellfleet Preservation Hall, outer Cape Cod, MA

7/1/16: Piedmont Piano Company, Oakland, CA

7/2/16: Big Easy in Petaluma, CA

7/3/16: Fillmore Street Jazz Festival, San Francisco

11/4/16: 3S ArtSpace, Portsmouth, NH

HALF CHOP: written by Matt and frequently performed by Mix Up Mix Up. Kelley B recorded it on her CD "More Trumpet."

Mix Up Mix Up medley:  1) Jamaica Farewell 2) Wikked Likkle (original)

3) Ain't No Sunshine 3)  I Got Riddim   4)  Stir It Up

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