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Released January 1, 2013

The debut album by Matt Jenson and the Liquid Revolution is built on a foundation of rock-solid-reggae-GROOVE with tight vocal harmonies and inspired blues-rock

soloing.  Joining Reggae’s long mission of revolutionary consciousness-raising, the Liquid

Revolution band expresses the cry of alternative global thinking in this era of climate change and extreme economic injustice. Not only do Matt’s poetically insightful songs strike at the heart of these issues, but his tunes about joyful expressions of love, spirituality and the lessons to be learned from simple stories of every day life, all offer a vision for a bright future.


Released 2015

This funky-fresh-earthly sound is the uncompromising fusion of two of music’s most celebrated genres; Roots Reggae and contemporary Cuban Son - with deep influences of 70’s Soul, gospel, the blues, jazz and African folkloric idioms. It is the inspiration of the projects two co-leaders: Jose Claussell and Matt Jenson. Half of the album consists of incredible Afro-Cuban arrangements of some of Bob Marley's best known songs, arranged by Matt Jenson. The other 1/2 are Matt's original compositions in this new style called "Afro-Latin-Roots-Reggae."

MATT JENSON: One Drops , Spirituals and Riddim

Released 2001

Matt's first recorded effort: A passionate mix of reggae, jazz and soul.

KELLY B: More Trumpet

Matt produced, wrote music for and performed on this recording of island music instrumentals (mostly). A pleasure to help trumpeter/singer Kelly B bring her musical vision to life!

CYRIL LANCE: Stranger in my House

Released 2001

A fiery blend of blues, Southern Rock, New Orleans funk, and southern rock with influences of latin and jazz -- American roots music at its best. "...has the energy and fervor of a sold out concert..."


Matt appears on the entire album on piano and Hammond organ.

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